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Rituals, Birthdays and Personal Power

Growing up, birthdays were the one ritual that were always held with great importance. We came together to celebrate each birthday with a family dinner, thoughtful gifts, cake, candles and singing (terribly) happy birthday. It wasn’t until it came time to celebrate my daughter’s first birthday that I realised how important celebrating her children's birthdays had always been for my mum. It was never just about the family dinner, cake and gifts, it was so much more.

Each year at my daughter’s birthday I remember her birth, how I felt when I first held her against me, that first look and the overwhelming love and joy. What a powerful ritual giving birth is! The intention, the action, the acceptance of how it unfolds and having such deep trust in my body’s knowing. It was looking back at my labour and birth that I realised how powerful I am. When I get out of my head, let go of the thoughts and fears and listen to my body, my life flows.

When my daughter’s birthday comes around each year I remember the potential of my personal power and every year I have found a deeper connection to it. Women are incredibly powerful! We have the power to create, grow and birth and as beautiful as they are, that creative power is not limited to babies.

I have been in the process of creating some beautiful rituals to share with women who feel the call to reconnect with themselves and their personal power. If you desire a deeper connection with yourself and your innate inner wisdom then be sure to sign up to be the first to hear about my upcoming rituals.

With Love & Gratitude


Photo - Lisianthus, my favourite flowers that my mum brings me each year on my daughter’s birthday

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