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Welcome to
Wild Within Creations

where each Feminine Archetype, Priestess & Goddess pendant and Ritual Piece is handcrafted, one of a kind & created with the intention of connecting with her true owner.

All crystals are genuine, have been intuitively selected before being cleansed & charged under the moon,  to create each individual piece through ritual.

I am currently taking custom orders, so if you have a specific ‪crystal, ‪‎intention or energetic outcome in mind please connect with me by clicking HERE or SHOP HERE

Womens Circle Melbourne

Intuitive Art  

Creativity is my outlet and I am blessed to have reawakened it in a way such a way that has opened up many connections with more beautiful women. I always knew that one day I would create jewellery with crystals, what I didn't know was how powerful each piece would be. I absolutely love creating Wild Within Creations Priestess and Feminine Archetype pendants and Ritial Pieces. Each one comes about intuitively, knowing and trusting that her true owner will connect with her.

I'm also super excited to be offering a workshop in 2023. Join my email list if your interested in that one!

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