Welcome Beautiful Woman,

My intention is to offer Women the space and guidance within Women's Circle, Non-Linear Movement Method® classes, retreats, workshops and 1:1 Intuitive Energy Healing sessions to...

Embody  an awareness of what is present within you, so you may

Reconnect with your innate inner wisdom and

Reclaim  your authentic self and the life you desire

Dear Woman,

You are not alone.

erhaps you are feeling that there is something more to life,
more inside of you, just waiting to be unveiled but you can't quite grasp it.

You may be seeking to re/connect with your own inner knowing, your internal healer, or a deeper connection and trust with yourself and your intuition.

Or maybe you are unsure of what you desire, or you are simply looking for a space to ground, relax and just be as you are.

I create and hold space for you do so within Women's Circle, Non-Linear Movement Method® classes, 1:1 Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions, workshops and retreats. These are held both in person in south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne (under 5 min drive from Monash Freeway Ernst Wanke exit) and online from comfort of your own space.

So if you are a woman searching for something more, a deepening into your authentic self, then connect here or check out our upcoming Women's Circles, retreats etc in the events page here

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"I felt so safe, supported and nurtured during my sessions with Lauralee. This allowed me to move past my comfort zone to achieve personal growth. Each session was unique and Lauralee really tuned into how I was feeling and where I was at during each session. I felt empowered to move through some big changes in my life. I can see and feel the changes I have made internally are now being expressed externally. Thank you Lauralee for holding space for me in such a beautiful and nurturing way."