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Join me as I reflect on my 

Non-Linear Movement Method® experience.

A commitment to myself to simply show up and practice, to move with what I am feeling

The Non-Linear Movement Method® (NLMM) is a powerful yet simple somatic method developed by Michaela Boehm. NLMM is specifically designed as a “no force/no imposition “ somatic modality and can be practiced by anyone, regardless of physical health, ability, fitness level or age.  The movements are designed to be self regulating and can be done in any position, including laying down.

Day 1

I felt heavy, tired, restricted, a lot of discomfort - all both emotionally, energetically and physically. At times I had the urge to shake it off so I could move into another state but mostly I just allowed myself to move with it, although at times I did stretch out the physical tightness. Moving into the heart space there was grief and a feeling of broken heart.

Day 4

It’s interesting to begin to differentiate between my feelings/thoughts/emotions moving my body versus me moving my body to shift something out (which I’ve realised I do often), versus allowing my body to intuitively move and whether or not I try to attach a label to any of it or simply track it.

Day 7

Stuck in my head today. Found myself attaching to parts of the music. Shavasana song: I found a part so irritating and another part really emotive simultaneously and found myself almost fighting between the two. I was eventually able to sink into my body and could’ve easily fallen asleep in integration.

Day 10

I did not want to practice today. It’s been an emotionally draining day. I chose to practice anyway. I had such irritation come up, found it hard to be in my body, not necessarily stuck in my head, just agitated, wanted the practice to be over and I cut my integration short. I’m tired and feel overdone. I’m grateful I showed up but curious as to why I couldn’t allow myself 2 more mins of rest. I wonder if I’d continued movement a little longer if that agitation would’ve stayed…?

Day 13

Today I felt calm, gentle, no need to get anywhere or be a certain way. It just was.

Day 16

I could not sit within my body. I had so much anxiety I bailed on the practice. I do wonder how it would have processed had I stayed with the full practice. Big learning experience falling into place - embodiment does not always feel amazing, pleasurable and grounded. Today it felt like I needed to get myself out. But jumping into my head wasn’t pleasant either.

Day 19

Today I showed up simply because I’m committed to practicing my practice

Day 22

simply showing up today

Day 25

I dropped into body for ‘moving what you’re feeling’ so easily today. Again felt great to move my body. Feel that I’m leaving it too late to do this practice though…?


Found integration annoying, so many thoughts!

Day 28

This is the most dynamic practice I’ve done in months and months. Felt my life force energy strongly. Tears because it’s been a lot

Day 31

A lot physical tension after a day on the laptop, tears came up from what felt like nowhere, grief, overwhelm, release. I felt deeply tired and gave myself extra integration and rest time

Day 34

I found myself smiling and feeling joy, deep relaxation

Day 37

It felt so liberating that I could find pleasure while feeling physically unwell. Like bringing some balance back into my body and feeling the body pains as energy leaving

Day 40

I felt anxiety at the thought of calling in practice because it felt daunting and overwhelming. However once I allowed myself t drop into the practice, it was gentle, a softening, calling in calm, peace, love and deep rest. It was interesting to find that balance in allowing my body to relax and rest and be still while still moving a part of my body

Day 43

Calling in didn’t feel as big and overwhelming as it has in the past. It felt calm and gentle with presence and peace

Day 2

Releasing ongoing tension, pain in back of the neck lead into releasing tightness, stuckness in the front of the throat. I began coughing a little and had the confirmation that release does not have to be big to be profound, something past trainings has taught as truth.

Day 5

Conscious of the music and how it influenced my practice but also aware that it’s been a draining, emotional day.

Day 8

 I felt pain in my lower back at first but then moved my legs and dropped into pleasure quite fast which I found surprising. My body felt highly sensitised after a short time of following pleasure. I found pleasure not only in the movement of my body but also in the way my clothing touched and moved over my skin. I felt deeply relaxed, a relaxed that I have not felt in such a long time. I could’ve easily curled up and gone to sleep.

Day 11

I explored pleasure through touch and movement which was mostly in hips and legs. Found moments of guilt arise around “I should be inside with my family not here exploring pleasure”. Refocused on pleasure. Felt deeply relaxed. I slipped into a space in-between during integration. I was in a teepee with people surrounding me in communal healing. But almost as soon as I became consciously aware it slipped away.

Day 14

I could not get out of my thinking brain today. Rather than just feeling or observing what was coming up, I noticed I was trying to label. Dropped into heart space easily. Felt super impatient during integration, again stuck in my head.

Day 17

It felt so good to physically move after the overwhelming and intense anxiety I felt yesterday. Realised that it does not have to be long to be profound. Had a visualisations of all the stress falling away from my body, like grains of sand, back into the earth. Gratitude for myself for showing up today.

Day 20

After putting it off all afternoon I forgot to do my practice. Slightly amusing after yesterday’s statement but  feeling disappointed I didn’t do it. Learning: don’t put off until the evening when I have time during the day.

Day 23

I loved that this was purely about following pleasure. No end game, just in the moment with what felt beautiful. I smiled a lot during this practice. I feel calm and relaxed.

Day 26

 big resistance today

Day 29

So many tears of release, felt like collapsing in on myself as it’s a lot right now. Left feeling calm though

Day 32

Feeling uneasy and frustrated, in my head, resistant not listening to myself, not enough sleep

Day 35

I wonder what life would feel like if I followed pleasure more in my everyday

Day 38

After practicing to only instrumental these past weeks I wanted to experience and see how it felt to practice with lyrics again and it was a vastly different experience. I felt more like dancing. It was extremely distracting, taking me away from my own self and my own experience. I was following the music and lyrics filled my mind, rather than following my body my own thoughts and emotions

Day 41

I felt deeply relaxed and expansive

Day 44

Feeling so sore and so tight in my back and hips, didn’t really want to do it. Every part of my body feels sore and inflamed, got into bed and moved basically just one arm. Made it through though

Day 3

Emotions came up in such a short period of time during the session. There was agitation, sadness, frustration, anger and they all moved through my body quite fast. I felt naturally called to end the session by allowing love to move me. I felt pulsing energy in my hands and the words came up,  “You forgot you are magic. You just forgot, that’s all.” I felt a deep sense of calm in this quiet space without all the external noise.

Day 6

Resistance to moving first half of song, just cried. The. Really wanted to physically push out some intense emotions straight away but instead just allowed movement. Released through tensing and shaking shoulders/hips before connecting in with heart.

Day 9

Calling softness and life force energy into my body. Body wanted to curl up and self nurture which I resisted feeling a need to be more dynamic. Let that go and self nurtured and realised my body wanted to call in a sense of safety. Moved through these during the rest of the practice.

Day 12

I could not get out of my thinking brain today. Rather than just feeling or observing what was coming up, I noticed I was trying to label. Dropped into heart space easily. Felt super impatient during integration, again stuck in my head.

Day 15

I resisted doing this tonight as it was so late but it was just a really gentle process, felt so good to move my body

Day 18

There is so much tension in my body, neck shoulders all my back, hips. Really tired

Day 21

Today was physically painful and I felt so much exhaustion

Day 24

I was surprised there were tears during this practice. Another layer of grief. And bone deep exhaustion from carrying so much for so long. 

Day 27

Resistance to the practice today, simply showing up to practice

Day 30

I realised I was trying to move my body rather than hearing that I am mentally physically and emotionally fatigued.

Day 33

Showing up despite resistance

Day 36

Todays practice was incredibly grounding while accessing a sense of safety within my body

Day 39

Feeling so much frustration and anxiety that I don’t want to stay with the practice - I want to run from everything but I freeze.

Day 42

I went into the practice feeling good and quickly a layer of grief came up unexpectedly, moved with that grief and then it was gone

Day 45

Releasing stagnant energy through back and hips extremely tight through upper back shoulders neck – found that difficult to release. Feeling tired in every way. Tired from holding on and pushing through without much love and joy

As a certified Non-Linear Movement Method® Teacher, Lauralee offers this practice regularly in her Women's Circles in Narre Warren, online, as well as private, personalised sessions online and in studio.

NLMM is facilitated on a mat or blanket. Participants dress similar to a Yoga class, in comfortable, non-restrictive clothing.

Hand Shadow

 Private Session Options 

Dip In

1 x  1 hr Private & Customised

Non-Linear Movement Method® session 

Investment: $120

Dive In

6 x weekly or fortnightly 1 hr Private & Customised Non-Linear Movement Method® session 

Investment: $620

$103 per session

must be used within 3 months of first session

Please note: NLMM is not a substitute for therapy or medical treatment. If you have a history of trauma, mental health issues or medical conditions, please consult your physician or mental health care practitioner to determine if somatic movement modalities are appropriate for you.

Payment and Cancellation Policy:

All payments are due to confirm booking

All cancellations are non refundable
If you are unable to attend at least 24hours notice is required to reschedule

Cancellations within 24 hours of scheduled time and no shows are non refundable and non transferable
In the event that Lauralee has to cancel you will be notified ASAP and your appointment will be rescheduled

To book your place simply click on the request booking buttons above for info via email or PM me via facebook messenger and I will get in touch asap.

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