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Joining Women's Circle

Women's Circle Melbourne
Relaxing during guided journey in Women's Circle Melbourne

You arrive at the gate, walk through the garden and up to the studio, hearing the chatter and laughter of women, all arriving in Circle. You reach the threshold of the studio and step over into a dimly lit room, where you are greeted by me, Lauralee. The energy is welcoming, warm and inviting. You feel a sense of comfort and ease enter your body as you allow yourself time to arrive in Women’s Circle.

You find your place around our altar and make yourself comfortable. You may be feeling nervous or anxious if this is your first time. My intention is always to create a space where women feel held, not only by me but by the other women who have been journeying through my Women’s Circle’s for months and even years.

This is a place where you can come and be with yourself, with whatever is present for you in that moment. As a facilitator I understand that we only see a glimpse into each woman during Circle, so there is no judgment, simply witnessing from a place of understanding that we are each incredibly complex and multifaceted beings.

You notice around the altar that there are essential oil blends and hand cream that you may choose to anoint yourself with. Offering a way to allow your energy to become present in your body and prepare to receive all that Circle has to offer. We settle into our space as I guide you through a grounding meditation/journey before officially opening Circle ready for an evening of connection, embodiment practices, Ritual, music, laughter and sometimes tears of release and relief.

I wish I could capture this for you so you could take it everywhere with you but the truth is you have to come and experience this for yourself. But I do know one thing and that is once you leave Circle, the experience goes with you in a way that is not always tangible but offers a ripple effect out into your life. It touches the relationships you have with yourself, with others, and how you are in the world, how you show up. To sit in Circle with like-hearted women, to be with yourself in this held space can be beautifully heart and soul nourishing but you will only know once you've experienced it for yourself.

This is why I am offering monthly women circles as a series during the last part of 2023, rather than drop in Circles. It offers a center point for you to return to each month. An opportunity for you to return home to yourself, to your body, your heart and womb space while being energetically held in Circle. No matter what is going on in your life, you know that this time, that you have committed to for yourself, is set aside each month, so you may step away from the every day, and into an evening of Ritual and connection.

If you feel a yes rise in your body or this has piqued your curiosity, connect here or here on socials and I will be in touch with you.

Much love,

Lauralee 💜

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