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Reconnecting With Me

I've sunken into a lot of doubt this past month. Doubt in my ability to mother. Doubt in my ability to offer my gifts to the world. Doubt in my ability to grow another baby. Doubt in my ability to mother a second child. It's become all consuming in amongst a haze of influenza and residual grief from the loss of my baby earlier this year. I've been stuck in my head, completely disconnected from my body. Going through the everyday motions without being truly present.

This disconnection from my body disconnects me from my feelings, in turn disconnecting me from my intuition. When I disconnect from intuition I doubt everything. I overthink everything. And around and around I go until I'm utterly exhausted.

So how do I break this cycle? I get back into my body. I take baths, eat nourishing food, go for a walk, sit in the sunshine, rituals, movement meditation, dancing, energy healings, kissing, sex!

This time for me it was a release ritual at this last full moon. Letting go of grief, doubt and self judgment. Making space for love and self belief. Divine timing stepped in with an energy healing session with my beautiful teacher where I released a flood of sadness and grief. And lastly returning to sit in circle with my soul sisters. This is how I reconnect with myself. This is how I get out of head and back into my body and this is what I truly believe in sharing with the world because it has and continues to transform my life.

Sitting in circle with like minded women, being seen and heard without judgement without others jumping in to fix you but simply witness you has had a profound effect on me. A safe space where you don't need to be anything for anyone else but simply be you as you are in that given moment. This is what I am in the process of creating for other women.

Along with running women's circles, rituals and workshops, I'm very excited to share that I received my Reiki Masters and Magnified Healing® certificates last week. Not only will I be offering healing sessions but I will be teaching these modalities in my newly built sacred women's space!

To stay connected and up to date on these offerings and more you can sign up on the link just below.

With love and gratitude,


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