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Finding my Sacred: My history with Rituals as a Women's Circle Facilitator

So many different parts of my life led me to Ritual.

In my late teens I became fascinated with world religions after not finding what I was looking for in Christianity. I was born into, raised and attended a Christian high school that I desperately wanted to belong to but just never felt right. So I turned to books, the internet wasn’t really a thing back then. But books! I read anything on spirituality, in particular Wicca.

I then apprenticed with an Italian Witch in my early 20’s where I was introduced to practicing Rituals and Ceremonies with others. The fact that this was based around nature and the seasons and I was innately connected and untwined with it was vastly different to being taught that all the power was in the hands of another unseen force completely separate from me. However Wicca as a religion just wasn’t it for me.

I lived in an Ashram in country Victoria for a short time and my favourite days were Saturdays when we gathered for Haven, fire ceremony and chanting the Maha Mrityunjaya mantra, while offering up what we desired for healing personally and collectively.

Years ago I sat in Circle with Jane Harwdwicke Collings and everything fell back into place. The studying of Wicca years earlier came back and made sense in different way. I felt it in my body, aligning all cycles and seeing each as a map for a way of living. Cycles of Seasons, moon, life cycles, menstrual, how each day and night cycles etc These cycles play heavily into how and why I hold Ritual now. So although I began seeking through world religions, ultimately I don’t subscribe to any but follow my own intuition and found Ritual a practice I ALWAYS return to.

It’s how I create my feminine archetype art. It’s how I call in women to my Circles, how I celebrate them when they join and always a part of my Women's Circles whether In Studio or Online. I have always returned to Ritual in times of grief, gratitude, visioning and so grateful to have it to share in rites of passage with my daughters.


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