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Open Love Letter - the practice of self love

Lauralee Thomson Women's Circle Melbourne

Here is my Open Love Letter to some of the parts of myself that I have hidden, denied, fought against, even hated and now am learning to embrace with love. It's also an Open Love Letter to some of the parts of others that I see and connect in with. My hope is that you find your part in this Love Letter that you need to hear...

Dear Overweight Self,

You believe all this flesh will keep you safe, hidden, undesirable but your soul was never meant to be hidden.

Dear Exhausted Self,

You don't need to push through. Listen to your body in all her wisdom.

Dear Maiden Self,

I forgive you for how easily you gave your power away to feel loved by another.

Dear Mother Self,

I forgive you for the times you never met your self imposed expectations. I forgive you for the doubts of how good a mother you are.

Dear Not Enough Self,

You are you and that is all you ever need to be.

Dear Bitch Self,

Thank you for having my back.

Dear Angry Self,

Thank you for your deep passion and conviction. I am sorry I hated you for so many years.

Dear Controlling Self,

I know the world can be a scary place but there is a calm stillness within letting go.

Dear Jealous Self,

Thank you for showing me my deepest desires.

Dear Fun Self,

I’d like to get to know you better.

Dear Crazy Lady Self,


Dear Anxious Self,

Thank you for letting me know when something is not right.

Dear Lonely Self,

I will always be here.

Dear Depressed Self,

I am sorry I fought you for so many years. Thank you for all that you’ve shown me. I love you deeply.

Dear Unlovable Self,

I love you.

Dear Needy Self,

What you seek from the outside will only be fulfilled from within first.

Dear Radiant Self,

When you’re around, your entire world glows.

Dear Magical Self,

The world needs more of you.

Dear Sensual Self,

Bathe in this deliciousness as often as possible.

Dear Sexy Self,

Let go of the judgement and own it because when you do it's lots of fun!

Dear Too Much Self,

You are not made for everyone. Don't censor yourself.

Dear Empathic Self,

Remember it is safe to feel everything you feel but always take care of your needs first.

Dear Disconnected Self,

I forgive you for shutting down, I understand that sometimes it’s just all too much.

Dear Uninspired Self,

Life is never constant. Take a step back. Rest. Breathe.

Dear Artistic Self,

The way you create beauty from nothing still amazes me.

Dear ‘Always Late’ Self,

It’s time to let go of that old story. And if you are late sometimes, so what?!The world keeps turning.

Dear Reserved Self,

It’s actually ok to sit back and observe, just don’t get stuck there because this is only a small part of who you are.

Dear Outgoing Self,

I love to hear you laugh out loud and dance without holding back.

Dear Passionate Self,

Breathe passion. Live passion. Be passion.

Dear Hateful Self,

Be kind to yourself. Let some love in.

Dear Self Harming Self,

Nothing you do will make me love you any less.

Dear Self Distracting Self,

It is safe to just be in the moment.

Dear 'Everyone Please Like Me' Self,

I'm sorry but it's crowded in here and it's time for you to leave.

Dear Dis-empowered Self,

Allow the fear to fall away.

Dear Powerful Self,

You think you know how powerful you are but you’ve only just touched the surface.

Dear Intuitive Self,


Dear Judgmental Self,

Let go of the comparisons. Just be you.

Dear Messy Self,

Fuck it. So you’re messy.

Dear Vulnerable Self,

I love how deeply and openly you share yourself.

Dear Raw Self,

Don’t ever change.

Dear True Self,

I am learning to love all of you.

With Love & Gratitude, always,


P.S. I encourage you to take the time and space to write your own love letter to yourself and I would love to hear about your experience either through the comments below or my contact page.

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