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Cleansing Ritual Space

Cleansing Ritual Space with Sage and Drum - Lauralee - Thomson - Women - Rituals - Melbourne

Let me just preface this by saying that in my opinion, there is no right or wrong way to cleanse. The following is simply my practice that has evolved for me over the years and I've decided to share it with you all at a friend's request.

Physically Clean - My first task is to be sure that my space is clear of clutter and mess. I am about to perform a ritual and I want to ensure that I can easily cleanse my space of negative energy without it getting stuck.

Physically Grounded in My Body - I may do this with a moving meditation, dancing, taking a shower/bath.

Cleansing Myself and My Space with Incense - I use loose white sage leaves that I grow in my own garden or incense resins. Please choose carefully. Research where and how they are grown and sourced and be aware that a lot of incense are laden with poisonous chemicals. I use the beautiful, natural, hand-blended incense I found over at Resonant Aromatics (Clearing Space blend is one of my favourites).

I always have my incense or sage burning in a fireproof dish as I run the smoke over and around my body, under the soles my feet and over the crown of my head.

If I’m inside I simply walk my sage/incense around my room, ensuring the smoke makes it’s way into the corners of the room by wafting it with my hand (or smudging fan), then I sit it down and allow the smoke to fill the space. If I’m outside I walk the sage/incense around my ritual area then sit it down in the centre of my space.

Tip - NEVER leave burning unattended and if inside leave a window open and close any doors that are near smoke alarms

Cleansing Myself and My Space with My Drum - I love my drum! She is a 15” deer skin frame drum. I created her with my own hands, with blessings and gratitude for the deer that enabled me to create her. She has my love, my intentions, and an array of animal medicine within the drum beater. When I play her I feel instantly grounded and know that I have played drums many lifetimes before.

To cleanse myself with my drum, I simply begin to play an intuitive rhythm. To cleanse my space, I play my drum as I walk around the space. It’s simple but powerful as the the sound reverberates shifting the energy within a space.

Other ways I use cleansing as a practice -

Cleansing Crystals - The crystals I use for Wild Within Creations Priestess and Goddess pendants are all cleansed and charged before I create with them. I run them under tepid water and set them out in moonlight (generally Full Moon) to charge. Before I begin my creations I smudge them with sage or incense. If I am to set an intention for the crystal, this would be the time I’d do that but sometimes the crystal already has an intention of it’s own that I am not yet aware of.

NOTE - Not all crystals can go in water, so check this first.

Other items that I cleanse with sage and/or incense - I also cleanse the tools I use to create Wild Within Creations Priestess and Goddess Pendants with and my own personal jewellery. I don’t do this every time I use them, just when I feel that they may need it.

Cleansing My Home - The same as I would my ritual space. I clear my home of clutter and mess, admittedly this sometimes means just shoving things out of sight, unless I'm cleansing my cupboard! I wipe down surfaces with essential oils (I also use an oil burner). I open all my windows and go from room to room with my sage stick, ensuring I allow enough time for the smoke to flow into the corners, then I follow this by going room to room with my beautiful drum. Ideally I would do this once a month but if there's been an argument in my home, perhaps everyone's had a bad day/week or if the energy is just feeling stuck then I know it's time for a cleanse.

100% Essential Oils - As well as burning resins, incense and my sage smudge stick, I also love using essential oils around my home and as perfume. Always ensure you buy 100% essential oil and research your product to ensure you are purchasing good quality.

A few of my favourite Sacred Plants/Resins/Essential Oils and their Ritual Use-

Frankincense (oil or resin) - protection, meditation, clears negative energy

Lavender (oil) - love, protection, purification, meditation

Palo Santo (plant) - clears negative energy

Patchouli (oil) - manifesting abundance, love, grounding

Rose (oil) - love, protection

Rosemary (oil) - protection, love, purification

Sandalwood (oil or resin) - protection, grounding, love, clears negative energy

Vetivert (oil) - grounding, manifesting abundance, love

White Sage (plant) - clears negative energy, purification, grounding

As this post was prompted by a friends inquiry into my cleansing practices, I'd love to hear of any other questions you may like some information on. Simply comment below or send me a message.

With love & gratitude,


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