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In a world full of comparisons

In a world full of comparisons... Be yourself - Lauralee - Thomson - Women - Rituals - Melbourne

Chances are if you use any kind of social media you’ve probably seen the memes, ‘in a world full of Kardashians be an Audrey’, ‘ a Diana’, ‘ a Janis’. Who's to say that the Kardashian women are any less than other women? They appear to be very strong, independent, powerful women (making them an easy target) and if they aren't it doesn't make any of them any less of a human being.

As a woman, I am challenging myself (and you!) to be who I am and to stop comparing myself to others. Comparison is bullshit, there's no level playing field in comparison. There is only one me and my mind, my energy, my life experiences, lessons and purpose will never be identical to anyone else's mind, energy, life experiences, lessons and purpose. So let's stop pitting ourselves and other women against each other. It's just another subtle way to keep our society broken.

Just be YOURSELF. Not the you that you think you should be. Not the you that society tells you to be. Not the you that you'll be after you 'work' on yourself. Not the you that you’ll be once you’ve lost weight. Not the you that you’ll be once you find an amazing partner. Not the you that you’ll be once you’ve had a baby.

Be the YOU that YOU are NOW.

There’s nothing more magnetic than a woman who loves and embraces herself for who she is in every given moment.

Be you as you are. Love you as you are. Embrace you as you are. I dare you. I dare myself.

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