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Working with Lilith

Working with Lilith energy while creating today.

'Power I dance my life for myself I am whole I am complete I say what I mean and I mean what I say I dance the dark and the light the conscious and the unconscious the sane and the insane and I speak from myself authentically with total conviction without regard for how I might look All parts of myself flow into the whole All my divergent selves unite as one I listen to what needs to be heard I never make excuses I feel my feelings deeply and profoundly I never hide I live my sexuality to please myself And pleasure others I express it as it needs to be expressed from the core of myself from the wholeness of my dance I am female I am sexual I am power I was greatly feared'

Amy Sophia Marashinksy - The Goddess Oracle, art by Hrana Janto

With love & gratitude,


Working with Lilith - Rituals - Lauralee - Thomson - Women - Melbourne

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