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Rituals. I love rituals, I craved them when I was growing up but without fully understanding what it was that I was searching for. I was always envious of other cultures that seemed so much richer in traditions and ceremonies. What I've realised is that you can create rituals anywhere, anytime. To me, it's about intention, connection to yourself, others and spirit and creating space in which to practice.

Rituals can be as elaborate or as simple as you like. Today I'm creating a self loving, skin care and body relaxing ritual. It's simple, nourishing and honouring. After I took this photo I noticed all the words that popped out 'pleasure', 'reincarnation', 'joyous', 'hallelujah', connect with nature', 'astara'. A beautiful message that I needed to hear and act on in this moment. Astara - Goddess of Spring. And how I am longing for spring, rebirth, regeneration, renewal. I'm so excited at all the signs that Spring is nearing, the smell in the air on some mornings, more sunshine and the fact that there is one little cherry blossom in my street that has already bloomed, well and truly before any of the others.

With love & gratitude,


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