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Winter Solstice Ritual

Winter Solstice blessings. Here in the southern hemisphere we are in the depths of Winter, the longest night and the shortest day has arrived. This is a time to turn inward and reflect upon your past year. What were the seeds you planted? Did you tend to them over the year? What came to fruition? What didn't? Be deeply honest with yourself. Get really clear on on the lessons of your past year and prepare to let them go, making way for new blessings.

We may be in the middle of Winter but we are also entering the next half of the year when solar energy begins to rise again. This is a building of energy reaching it's peak at Summer Solstice, making this the perfect time to plant your seeds of intention for the coming year.

Your New Moon Intention - a step by step ritual (A free gift when you register below), is a beautiful guide for setting your intention for the year at this Winter Solstice.

I would simply deepen the ritual by:

1. Writing down your reflection of your year

2. Release your year by burning the paper you wrote your reflection on

3. Move into the New Moon Intention Ritual

4. Be as specific as possible when it comes to setting your intentions for the year. How do you want to feel? How do you want it to look? How do your desires taste and smell?(read more on the power of intentions here).

Remember to be gentle with yourself on this Winter Solstice. Listen deeply to your body, go slow, be kind and show yourself gratitude for all that you've moved through, all that you've called in and all that you have let go.

One of my intentions for this coming year is to hold Solstice Rituals, Moon Rituals, Women's Circles and more in my beautifully created and completed sacred space. A space where like-minded women will come to connect with themselves, their inner wisdom, inner magic and with each other in sisterhood. A space that feels warm, welcoming, nurturing, a coming home. And so be it.

Give your intention more power and share it with someone. I would love to hear of one of your intentions for the coming year.

With Love & Gratitude,


P.S Anyone notice the bird in the fire?

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