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Fierce Self Love

How can I expect non-violence from our world when I cannot offer non-violence within myself. How can I expect absolute love and acceptance within our world when I cannot offer absolute love and acceptance of and for myself.

It all begins within me. It is not a human right it is our obligation as individual human beings a part of a much bigger picture to start with ourselves. If you want to see our world change for the better, it must begin with you.

Self responsibility, self acceptance, self love. Take full responsibility for yourself and how you affect your own inner and outer world. Accept yourself completely so there is no room left for self judgement. Love yourself so fiercely that there is no space left for self hatred.

This is not a love and light, airy fairy, spiritual bypassing kind of love. This is a love yourself completely, including all the dark, gritty parts you’d rather keep hidden from the world and yourself kind of love. Love has and always will be the answer. Acceptance is the key. Owning your light and dark shadows is the path.

With love & gratitude,


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