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Lemon Tree Love

This lemon has been at least 4 (possibly 5) years in waiting! When my mum bought this tree for me I had no idea of how I attached I would become. Planting her in the home that my partner and I have created with our daughter. Watching her struggle after the transplant but remaining patient as she re-established herself. Constantly pulling weeds and borage (that I regretfully planted) from around her base so she could have enough space. Mixing all sorts of organic concoctions when it appeared her leaves were being attacked. Picking flower buds, year after year, before they turned into lemons so all her energy would be directed into making her branches strong. And now this! This one beautiful little lemon, the first of many...

With love & gratitude,


Lemon Tree Love - Earth Connection - Lauralee - Thomson - Women - Rituals - Melbourne

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