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Full Moon during Winter Solstice - Southern Hemisphere

The longest night of the year, we’re in the depths of darkness and all that that brings. A time to be deep within self, a time of nurturing, nourishing and deep, deep rest. Where the trees appear to have died with their branches bare, all the while beneath the earth they are strengthening their roots in preparation for their rebirth in Spring. A powerful time to set intentions, to plant the metaphorical seeds of that which you desire to call into your life over the coming year. It may be the darkest day of our seasons and we are still in the depths of Winter but it also brings with it the promise of light, our days will become longer as our earth continues her cycle. The Full Moon brings the polar opposite energy, she is at her peak, her strongest, most powerful point in her cycle before she will begin to wane. The Full Moon will intensify the energy of Winter Solstice, making the intentions you set at this time incredibly powerful but also brings the opportunity to consider what you would like to release, that which is no longer serving your higher self. Potent energy!

With love & gratitude,


Full Moon during Winter Solstice - Lauralee - Thomson - Women - Rituals - Melbourne

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