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What is 'normal' anyway?

Going beyond normal - 'On the path of life there are deciding moments where we can choose to go with the mainstream or we can dare to take a bolder, more authentic and trusting way - even if it seems riskier or less safe.'

I spent many years searching for a place to 'fit in' and never quite found it but now I can clearly feel the value in not fitting in. The times when I have desperately wanted to be a part of something that wasn't the right fit for me, are the times that have shown me a little more of who I truly am, my beliefs, my values and how unwilling I am to compromise my truth. At other times when I have been too afraid of going against mainstream for fear of judgement I've realised how I have prevented joy in my life. Fuck it! Be brave! Just be you! 💜

Sacred Rebels Oracle by Alana Fairchild, art by Autumn Skye Morrison

With love & gratitude,


Lauralee - Thomson - Women - Rituals - Melbourne - What is normal - Going beyond normal - Alana Fairchild's Sacred Rebel Oracle Cards

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