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Personalised Rituals

I will guide you through your own personalised Ritual for a particular life event.  This can be anything that you would like to recognise and deeply honour. 


Rituals I have held and guided are: 

* Releasing Past Loves - for any woman who is currently going through a breakup or who still feels strong ties to a past love and desires a release from this for the good of both

* Pregnancy Loss - for any woman who has ever experienced a pregnancy loss whether induced or spontaneous

* Calling in an Intentional Pregnancy - for any woman who desires to become pregnant and honour this calling in of your baby’s spirit

* Connecting in with baby - for any woman who is already pregnant and desires a Ritual to connect in with your babies spirit

* Self Commitment - for any woman who desires a deeper connection to loving and honoring her true self

* Release Ritual - for any woman who desires to release something particular from your life to make space for your deepest desires

* Intention Ritual - for any woman who has a deep desire for more in her life

* Reclaiming your First Bleed - for any woman of any age who has experienced their first period (menarche) and has the desire to reconnect and honour this rite of passage in a way she would have liked it honoured at the time

* Reclaiming your You - for mums who are coming back to reconnect with self after having babies, or perhaps they have started school, or you have grown children leaving home

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