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May you see life's precious moments with the 

wonder & curiosity of the Maiden

May you feel and live your heart's deepest desire with the passion and nourishment of the Mother

May you know your true self with the

realness and rawness of the Wild Woman

May you move through the world with the

lived wisdom of the Crone


So be it

Above I have share the words of an invocation, prayer, intention, wish for you, for my daughters, for my sisters, for me, for all of us.

Each time I open Circle, whether in person or online, I call in cyclic energy, one of those cycles are the four Feminine Archetypes. These overlay the seasons, the moon cycle, menstrual cycle and a woman's and life cycles and they are

Maiden, Mother, Wild Woman (Maga) and Crone

Women's Circle Melbourne

Women's Circle


If you desire a deeper connection with yourself and your innate inner wisdom...


If you’re longing for some time and space to just be YOU...

If you're curious about Women's Circles, Non-Linear Movement Method®, Meditation and/or Rituals...

I invite you to Women's Circle.

Come along as we journey through Embodiment Practices, Meditation, Ritual, Connection with Self and with other Women


I have been attending, creating and holding Rituals for myself for about 20 years. Rituals around the Seasons, the Moon, reclaiming your menstrual cylce, Women's life events, fire ceremonies, Rituals for releasing relationships, calling in and celebrating new relationships. Rituals for pregnacy, for my miscarriages and for some dear friends losses as well, mama blessings and intentions for birthing, placenta burials,  birthdays, even a Ritual for my daughter moving from kinder into primary school (at her request).


When a dear friend asked me to create and hold a Self Love Ritual for her many years ago, I did and have created and held Rituals for many women since. I love the details, the connection and correspondence between the energy of items chosen for altars, words and actions and different practices that I incorporate. I believe it's incredibly important to hold space, honour and give reverence to an event, a moment in time, that in my experience in my culture, has often otherwise gone by without aknowledgement. I love that Rituals can be elaborate or kept simple but still profoundly potent.  This is why I absolutley love holding Rituals for Women. 

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