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Women's Circle Melbourne
Women's Circle Melbourne

Online Series

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Do you desire...

  • A rich connection as we begin entering the darker months here in the Southern Hemisphere?


  • A deepening into your wild, sensual & creative self?

  • To journey along with a group of women, diving into the myths & fairy tales of Women Who Run with the Wolves?

What you'll receive...

  • Meet, share & Discuss myths & fairy tales from the first 7 chapters of Women Who Run with the Wolves

  • aligned Embodiment Practice, journaling meditation &/or Ritual,

  • connection to self & those you journey along side

  • private facebook group for sharing, inspiring & connecting in during our time together

Welcome Beautiful Woman,

I dreamt last night I was running my hands over her curves. Feeling what made her who she is. Bone Women Gathering - she is her own creation & I am her vessel, pouring her out into the world through my heart

& hands...

This is a project that has been within my body and on my mind for 7 years now. Patiently waiting for her bones to be sung over, her bones fleshed out and brought to life through sharing her. After finally releasing Bone Women Gathering into the world in 2023, I am now sharing her in an online format.

Women's Circle Melbourne
Women's Circle Melbourne

Hello, I'm Lauralee and if we have never met, here is a little about...


My experience as a Women's Facilitator

  • I completed 2 years of training to become a Women's Circle, Workshop Facilitator​​ & Energy Healer in 2016

  • I have been holding Women's Circles both online and in person for 7 years

  • I have been creating my own personal Rituals for 22 years now and holding Rituals (personal and group) for 7 years

  • I completed training with Michaela Boehm in 2021 to become a Non-Linear Movement Method® Teacher/Practioner (this will be the main base embodiment practice that I will call upon throughout our gatherings)

I would love to have you join if you feel called to dive into

Women Who Run with the Wolves and begin

Gathering Your Bones


7pm AEDT


February 22nd

March 7th, 21st

April 4th, 18th

May 2nd, 16th

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How it will run

  • Prior to each gathering you will be given a chapter to read from "Women Who Run with the Wolves" ie: Our first Gathering you will have read our first chapter, ready for us to dive in. The minimum I would suggest reading is the chosen myth or fairy tale that we will work with each Circle. So one myth or fairy tale between each Gathering. The more you read, the deeper your understanding but I understand that this is not a light read - so you choose. Our Circles will still be amazing whether you read the entire chapter or not.

  • Each gathering you have the opportunity to share about any part of the current chapter and I will select one story to focus in on with one or more of the following - an aligned embodiment practice, meditation, journaling prompts and/or Ritual. 

  • You will receive At Home Pracitices in our private facebook group and/or prompts for connecting in with your creativity. These offer another beautiful way to exand and deepen your experience with the Wild Woman Archetype and "Women Who Run with the Wolves".

  • A note on the creative aspect - I've often found this can be a block for many. There's often a real disconnect between our body, our hands and our creativity. You do not have to be an artist, you do not have to be crafty - this part is for you to simply connect in with your Wild Woman on another level. "...A woman's creative ability is her most valuable asset, for it gives outwardly and feeds her inwardly at every level: psychic, spiritual, mental, emotive, and economic...As we create, this wild and mysterious being is creating us in return, filling us with love." Clarissa Pinkola Estes

What you'll Need

  • The book "Women Who Run with the Wolves"by Clarissa Pinkola Estes - if you cannot find this at your bookstore or library check out book depository online but I do recommend taking note of size if font size matters to you. ​

  • There may be some items that you choose to purchase to use in your creative projects but as the prompts are open ended this is at your discretion. ie: you may be inspired to draw, work with clay, create a necklace


Online from the comfort of your own space



What Women are saying

I've been glowing all night after an afternoon of such deep connection to self and others. I'm so excited to be a part of this journey with you and the other beautiful women.

Katie Parker
Social Worker
Parent Educator
& Postpartum Doula

It was a beautiful afternoon. I am in complete gratitude to be a part of it and walking beside you on this journey.

Mary Diamond
Performance Artist
& Children's Wellbeing

I'm still feeling full. Thank you for creating a beatuiful Circle Lauralee. I loved the practices and the  space you hold.  



I'm not familar with the book OR  I've read it cover to cover

Bone Women Gathering offers you another way to deepen your experience with the book and with your Wild Woman Archetype. more than simply reading, regardless of your knowledge of the book. We do this through discussion, Ritual, embodiment practices, journaling, writing, art and and craft.

Will these be recorded


What if I miss a date

I will be posting prompts in our facebook group that will guide you through the myth or fairy tale of that chapter. You can of course share within this group as well. Once our Gatherings commence there will be no refunds for missed days.

What if I can't commit to reading the entire chapter each month

The minimum required reading is the chosen myth or fairy tale that we will work with each Circle. So one Myth or Fairy tale between each Gathering. The more you read, the deeper your understanding but I understand that this is not a light read - so you choose. Our Circles will still be amazing whether you read the entire chapter or not.

Is this a book club?

This is so much more than a book club. There is open discussion about each chapter during our Circle which offers deeper insight through everyones insight and sharing. There are embodiment practices, Ritual, craft prompts, journalling that align with the theme of the chapters and provide the oportunity to deepen your experience with the myths and fairy tales and your relationship with your own Wild Woman Archetype. 

Blurry Forest

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