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A New Cycle Begins

Intention Ritual Melbourne Women Circle
Intention Ritual

2017 - a number 1. A year of beginnings, fresh starts, laying the foundations and we are quite literally laying the foundations over in my part of the world. As I sit and write this, my partner and his mate are working on renovating our home. Walls have been knocked down to open our space, allowing new light, new energy, more space and more flow. Soon we will be beginning another exciting building project, starting from the ground up but I will reveal more on that later.

Right now we are living in chaos and noise and dust and incomplete spaces and yet it’s all ok because there’s a fresh and exciting energy around and nothing is ever constant. We have our dreams that have become our plans that are now becoming our reality and my partner and I have created it from our thoughts. I love the life that we have made for our family and have such deep gratitude for the man that I love that works quietly behind the scenes supporting and encouraging me to find and follow my dreams.

In a world where bigger and more of everything is sold as better, it’s easy to get caught up in that belief. We’ve spent the last two years imagining what we would do to add more space to our humble home until one night at 1am my partner came up with the perfect plan for our family. We began planning our home around the lifestyle we want for ourselves. More space but less stuff, so we’re rearranging and clearing out the unnecessary. More connection and less distraction, so we’re creating a dining area, a living zone and a smaller tv room. More time outside and more self sufficiency, so we’re redoing our backyard and incorporating more fruit and vegetable gardens. My plan is to grow all our vegetables and some of our fruit all year round.

The fact that we are simply using what we already have to make better use of our space without ‘needing’ more, feels more aligned with who we are and what we desire. Since making this decision and taking the first step everything has begun to flow. As if from nowhere a community of builders, tradies, electricians etc etc have all come together to create our little dream home. It’s just the beginning and it’s an exciting beginning.

“When you want more than you have, you think you need

And when you think more than you want, your thoughts begin to bleed

I think I need to find a bigger place

Cause when you have more than you think, you need more space” - 'Society' written by Jerry Hannan -

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With love & gratitude,


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