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Perth, Western Australia

"I was immediately drawn to the hand created Goddess pieces, crafted by Lauralee at Wild Within Creations. I came across her beautiful pendants at a time when I was discovering my own inner Goddess and I can recall feeling intuitively drawn to two pendants. I finally settled on Lara…there was something about her gentle face that sealed the deal.
When my pendant arrived I knew I had made the right choice. I felt instantly connected to her and knew she was the perfect representation of the intention I held for wearing her. I wear my pendant on the days I want to express my authentic voice with confidence. Having her hanging around my neck is a sweet reminder of this and I’m so glad I followed my intuition and spoiled myself with this piece.
Thank you Lauralee for creating from the heart!"


Liz Smith

The Connected Life


Adelaide, South Australia

"I had her around my neck when I birthed my baby girl on Friday. It was an amazing birth too. My midwives said I was so calm and I got this message from my doula the next day: "Thank you for letting me be part of your journey. You really were amazing yesterday, so calm, strong and sure of yourself and your decisions. I remember at one point after you finished a contraction and you opened your eyes and gave us a big smile. You were a beautiful warrior birthing woman yesterday."
I felt so strong and at peace throughout the whole experience which is exactly what my Goddess symbolises for me and why I asked you to create her."


Melbourne, Victoria

"I've chosen Goddess Veritas to be with me during this phase of my journey as a wildly feminine radical self-loving ever-evolving woman. I see softness and strength in her, specifically the crystals she wears. She reminds me to stand in my truth always and the power that is within me. 

I find Lauralee's intuitive creatrix gifts which she imbues in her Wild Within Creations to be gently healing. It is very wonderful to see she has stepped up to her own Goddess within to stand powerfully with women." 

Abigail Tamsi


Melbourne, Victoria

"My goddess: The Fairy Queen.
From the moment my goddess touched my skin, I felt immediately connected to her. She has definitely been created for me, because when I am wearing her, I feel a familiar comfort and safety. I feel like I am being looked after and that I'm not alone. 
I seem to be unconsciously regularly touching her up to my face and rubbing her gently on my cheeks. It's like a kiss from the Fairies! Nurturing, tender and magical. Reminding me to believe in magic and to believe in myself, my goddess is a treasured piece that I will always cherish.
I am so grateful for Lauralee and her amazing ability to create such a personal piece just for me. My Fairy Queen Goddess, I feel lost without her around my neck. Thank you Wild Within Creations. " 


Fairy Mary


Melbourne, Victoria

"My beautiful Cerridwen Goddess. 
She keeps me grounded and my emotions balanced. She provides support in confusing or difficult circumstances, centering my energy, helping me to be at ease and flow through my day. 
I feel the space this pendant holds for me. I am drawn to her when I feel the need to be grounded. When I can feel myself swinging to far out, she brings me back to center. 
This beautiful pendent holds a lot of power. 
Thank you Lauralee for your sharing your amazing creativity with the world. I love my Cerridwen Goddess."

Nicci Jaggard 
Nicci Jaggard - Artist


Perth, Western Australia

"I had a dream about my priestess last night. I was with the circle of women and I had her in my hands and I was laughing with the women and I smiled at the priestess and she smiled at me. I think she's happy with me. Thank you for making her for me even before you met me. I didn't think she'd mean so much to me." 

I received this message this morning and I am overwhelmed with gratitude and love at the realisation that I am creating an energetic circle of women. Thank you Daniela 💜

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