"Lauralee Thomson facilitated a full moon ritual for my community tonight, it was one of the most powerful healing experiences I have witnessed. I cannot express how honoured and blessed I feel to have had the privilege of ending my 2016 meditation classes having Lauralee facilitate such an amazing evening." 

Sandra Madaferi



"My experience during Ritual was total relaxation, an ability to go deep and visualise the beautiful sisterhood around us. To share a token of love at the end and witness each woman give and receive was a gift. I take away the connections and true value of community with women that I hadn't valued before in the same way.


Lauralee to me is the Earth Mother with a big heart, welcoming arms and energy to hold space for deep spiritual healing and well being." 

Danielle Street

Engagement & Marketing Visionary 


"Lauralee is a very safe and powerful facilitator of rituals. I have asked her to guide me on a very intimate ritual on my Self Love journey. She witnessed me lovingly in my vulnerability and I have also been gifted with more awareness through parts of the ritual she has facilitated."

Abigail Tamsi
Founder, Wisdom of SelfLove Pathway and Services


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