Lauralee Thomson

Lauralee Thomson is a


  • Non-Linear Movement Method® Teacher

  • Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher

  • Magnified Healing® Master Teacher/Practitioner​

  • Certificate in Restorative Yoga ​

  • Embodied Inner Alchemy™ Women's Facilitator

  • Embodied Inner Alchemy™ Practitioner

In short, I am an Energy Healer, a Non-Linear Movement Method® TeacherWomen’s Circle Facilitator and Workshop Facilitator.

My passion is to share my knowledge, experience and healing tools with women to guide you To


Embody  an awareness of what is present within you, so you may

Reconnect with your innate inner wisdom and

Reclaim  your authentic self and the life you desire


I offer support and guidance in your healing through a range of Rituals, Women's Circles, Workshops and 1:1 Intuitive Healing Sessions. These are all designed to guide you in releasing old energies, past hurts, patterns and beliefs to create space for you to be your authentic self, create what you deeply desire and live your fulfilling life. All delivered within a safe healing space where all is witnessed without judgement. 

I am a Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher and I trained with the Embodied Inner Alchemy™ over 2 years, an internationally approved course with the International Institute for Complementary TherapistsThis certified me as a Women's Facilitator/Circle Holder and Energetic Body-worker.


You will find my events here

How I discovered my purpose 

As much as I love being a mum, in the first few years I completely lost myself in motherhood, like many other mums I know. I was full of self doubt and anxiety, I found it incredibly lonely and often confronting, my daughters are my greatest mirrors after all. They are also my greatest teachers and the catalyst to reconnecting with my true self. After years (really, it was most of my life) of feeling disconnected from myself and my body, I set the intention to find a space in which I would find deep connection with myself and with other women. Less than 3 months later, I found that space and I’ve been sitting in circle with some of the most courageous women I’ve ever met, including myself.

I began my journey in releasing and moving through past hurts, grief, anxiety, depression, addiction, distrust of myself and of others. It is an ongoing commitment and it hasn’t always been easy to show up for myself but it has become the ultimate act of self love, a vital part of my life, not just for me but for those that I love. Although I am the one that physically went out and took action to create change in my life, my relationships have grown as a result, showing me the importance of taking responsibility for creating my own life. It all starts with me, my thoughts, my desires and my actions.

My art  

Creativity is my outlet and I am blessed to have reawakened it in a way such a way that has opened up many connections with more beautiful women. I always knew that one day I would create jewellery with crystals, what I didn't know was how powerful each piece would be. I absolutely love creating Wild Within Creations Priestess and Goddess pendants. Each one comes about intuitively, knowing and trusting that her true owner will connect with her.

You will find my creations here.

Connect with me

If you are longing to reconnect with your true self, reclaim your inner healer and embody your innate wisdom, please send me a message here, join my emailing list below, or find me here here here and here on socials.

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